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Morning Brew and The Hustle grew to 2m+ subscribers with a referral tool, and so can you with ReferralKit's referral tool. It's 100% free for your first 10,000 leads.

Email integration

Easily integrate your list. Add unique referral links, rewards, and referral count directly into every email.


Create single or multiple rewards per referral milestone. Digital products, physical goods, anything you can imagine!


Fully automated emails are sent out right as your audience refers new subscribers.

Subscriber growth is the biggest pain point

With a referral program you'll unlock the most lucrative growth channel. Word of mouth! Enable your biggest superfans to grow your list for you.

ReferralKit makes referrals simple

Creating a referral program for your list has never been easier. We'll include everything you'll need.


Integrate your email provider

With a few clicks, you can painlessly hook your list to ReferralKit.


Create your rewards

Add as many rewards as you'd like. Configure how many referrals each needs.


Start referring!

Add the unique referral link, rewards, and referral count directly from your email provider.

What ESPs do you integrate with?

We're currently integrating with MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, and AWeber. On our roadmap we have Drip, Ghost, Campaign Monitor, and Active Campaign.

Do you fulfil digital and physical rewards?

When you create a milestone you are able to configure the message that is sent to the subscriber when they reach it. You'll simply add the instructions on how to access their reward. This could be a link or discount code for digital rewards or instructions on where to send their address for physical rewards.

Will you provide support?

Yes, our team will provide full support in integrating, setting up rewards, and any questions you have. We're here to help you run a successful referral program.

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Put your email list growth on autopilot

Creating a referral program for your list has never been easier with ReferralKit.